Made in the USA

Home of the original “made in Vermont” garden cart and multi-purpose hauler, Carts Vermont has the tried and true garden, firewood and utility carts for over 30 years! There are imitators but none have our superior craftsmanship, versatility or guarantee of excellence.

Carts Vermont offers a variety of yard carts built with the durability you would expect for outdoor continued use for many years to come. All our carts come with large, heavy duty steel wheels made to handle the most rugged terrain while providing stability on hills and varied landscapes thus easing the burden off your back and arms!

We offer 2 different size garden/yard carts, mid-sized and large, to suit your particular needs. And our Woodchuck II Firewood Hauler comes with a “Pellet Plate” so you can haul your wood pellets, heavy sacks, or anything else you can you may need to tow around your property with ease while still maintaining a manageable size that fits through most standard doorways!

Look around our store where you can purchase and obtain detailed information and technical specs on each product as well as replacement parts and accessories. And if you can’t find what you need please contact us so that we may try and help you personally.